Diva Self-Care Retreat

(Create Your Astitva - Be More Confident and A New YOU!)


2023 is just around the corner! Do you want to start 2023 a new?
An improved, stronger, more discerning you? 
You who understand how to find a clearer future & a more fulfilling life?  
You who truly believes in you, your ability & you that is determined to show that you to the world?
Yes, you are ready to make a status jump. You want to let go of what stops you. 
You said enough is enough. Now is your time to shine and enjoy life. 
Our retreats will help you escape your current reality and let go of stress.
Are you ready to design your dream path & create a new reality that you'll not need to escape from?

Are you ready for the Transformation of a lifetime?

Come and join me from 30th Jan'23 to 2nd Feb.'23, Jim Corbett, Uttrakhand

But what would it take for you to not only take time out but take time for YOU?

To not only recharge the batteries, but to supercharge the batteries, and have a genuinely life-changing experience?

I’m telling you that a yoga retreat or lying on the beach in Goa just won’t cut it, not this time.

Where Your life can be changed and the adventure that awaits you!



You are here to discover the world while discovering yourself.

We are a tribe of women who tap into their core power to transform their world through premium body and mind experiences. Are you ready to explore, experience, and grow?

Yes, you are ready to make a status jump. You want to let go of what stops you. You said enough is enough. Now is your time to shine and enjoy life. Our retreats will help you escape your current reality and relieve stress.

Are you ready to design your dream path and create a new reality that you will not need to escape from? A transformational retreat is an opportunity for you to bust through blocks and create space for your next-level personal transformation.

Unlike most retreats that focus only on one area (fitness retreats, meditation retreats) we help you discover & transform your SOUL. Your soul is both your BODY & MIND and during this unique retreat, we help you jump to the next level through powerful activities such as Mindfulness, Yoga, Breathwork, Activities, and Coaching.

Our professional retreat hosts & trainers are masters in their areas. We do not only offer you a break from reality.

We help you create a new reality you do not want to escape. 🙌🏼

The Diva Retreat is designed to create real life-changing experiences in unforgettable settings. We are giving you the tools, community, and courage to step into the REAL you.

You will make effective changes physically, emotionally, and spiritually and when you come home the changes will last far longer than your tan as you will be a Confident Woman

Nurture the Goddess within!

You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are a pure, radiant, sacred feminine force. Every woman is, but so many of us don't yet feel it. In this retreat, you’ll discover the incredible depth and grace that is within you, in connection with a small, intimate group of like-minded women. You ́ll have time for self-reflection and relaxation, the time and space to finally be and to allow new ideas and desires to reveal themselves to you. You’ll go back feeling refreshed, revitalized, and empowered, with tools to support your continuing journey at home. Are you ready to find out just how wonderful it is to be a woman? This retreat is for women who are ready to show up for themselves, and who know deep down that their life has more to offer. This is an offering to support you on your journey back home to yourself. This retreat will be an all-inclusive experience with a limited number of participants. Reserve your space soon to guarantee your spot! Sometimes few incidents in our life can trigger unhealthy behaviors. And we don’t find a band-aid for that. 

What’s included:

  • 3 Night 4 Days active retreat in Jim Corbert, Uttrakhand. 
  • Daily experience-based workshops and coaching sessions. 
  • Dedicated Whatsapp group following the trip for constant support. 
  • Accommodation In the beautiful natural setting of Jim Corbett National Park, Evaan Resorts - The Forest Vines Corbett strikes a perfect blend of luxury and natural hangout. 
  • Travel from Noida-Corbett-Noida by Delux Bus (Meals during the travel not included). 
  • All meals on the retreat from the 30th Jan.'23 Lunch to 2nd Feb.'23 Breakfast are included.

What’s not included:

International flights. Internal flights/travel to Noida. 

Personal travel insurance. 

Domestic airport taxes. 

 Personal incidentals. 

Trips outside those specified.


An Accidental Entrepreneur, Author & A Transformation Coach

Binita Shrivastava, Former Beauty Queen (Winner of Classic Mrs. India Overseas 2017), is an accidental entrepreneur, a passionate professional, a leading transformation coach, author & philanthropist. Her parent company is Visionara Global, India which oversees Pageants, Education, E-Learning, Events, PR, Media, and Productions. She is the Founder & National Director of VISIONARA GLOBAL MISS & MRS INDIA® - A Premier National Beauty Pageant and has an excellent track record of Leadership and Success.

She has founded Visionara Academy to empower Women through grooming, training online, and offline events, live workshops, and retreats to make them able to be confident, be able to find their purpose & passion, monetize their skills, knowledge, and talents, and become self-dependent. 

Her mission is to inspire and empower women by providing them, with skill-based & various learning opportunities through innovation and modern technology so they too can live with freedom and pride in their daily lives and become Solopreneurs’.

Her vision is to build the World's Largest online community of Women, who will work to live, not live to work, earning passively to enhance their quality of life as we age. She has since had much experience with women`s circles, events, pageants, transformation training, retreats, and individual work with women, knowing and feeling that she is truly doing what her heart is calling her to do. She will be working together with a wonderful group of trainers and facilitators to bring together this beautiful retreat for you.

Vidyashankar Guru - (Special Session)

Asia's Leading Personal Excellence & Leadership Coach

Vidyashankar Guru has two decades of experience in Personal Excellence & Leadership Training and has trained several thousands of students, teachers, and parents across the globe from 40 different Nationalities.  

He is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer at MiTran Global, an EduTech with the objective to positively transform young minds. He is also the Founder of the OnlySuccess Group of Companies which was delivering sessions to various schools. He is also a noted TedX speaker

He is the author of books including "One Untold Secret of Success”, “Sweep Through Your Interviews”, “Be a Champ” and “101 Secrets of Effective Parenting”. Some of his best-selling audio lessons include, “Born to Win” and “Super Secrets of Effective Parenting”. 

Vidya is awarded the ‘Indian Achievers Award for Industrial Excellence 2011’ by the Indian Economic Development & Research Association & ‘Eduprenear of the Year 2012’ award by the Times Group.


  • Be more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been
  • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace
  • A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life
  • Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body
  • Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected
  • An amazing escape if you’re feeling stressed, tired, or overworked.
  • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace.
  • Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body
  • If you find yourself in, depression and low self-esteem, feeling insecure or lost, repeating unhealthy patterns, suffering from the past, and feeling anxious about the future, this retreat is for you.
  • Join us and take a journey of personal transformation, where you’ll gain confidence, heal unhealed wounds, and begin a new and powerful, trauma-free chapter in your life.
  • If you want to get to know yourself better, reduce negative emotions,  be present, and feel hopeful about the future, we can guide you toward this new version of yourself.
  • Feel good about investing in yourself

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Evaan Resorts - The Forest Vines Corbett

In the beautiful natural setting of Jim Corbett National Park, the Forest Vines Resort strikes a perfect blend of luxury and natural hangout. In the midst of nature,

 Forest vines welcome you to say goodbye to city traffic and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay at the resort. It is located at the back of Jim Corbett National Park where you can enjoy some fine dining experiences along with some amazing recreational activities. 

Bring the adventurist out of you by visiting this mesmerizing place nestled in the woods.

If not now, then when?

How much is your future happiness and greatness worth? What will it take for you to put yourself first and not the job? The friends? The things you feel you should do, but actually don’t want to do?

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